We hope you and your family have enjoyed the visits that Santa makes over four evenings in early December, and he has been doing this for many years now.

It has now come for a new organiser(s) to take on the baton, or is that Christmas Cracker, so that all the children big and small can continue to enjoy the excitement and surprise when Santa turns up outside your house.  It is a very worthwhile cause and brings much satisfaction to all concerned.

Should there be no volunteers come forward then he will have to cancel his visit in 2019 and maybe forever, which will be a big disappointment to everyone in our villages.  Everything is in place to make his visit a success, however it just needs a new organiser(s) to help secure its future.  All the details of how it is run can be passed on, together with all the helpers details which includes the drivers and Santa himself.

If you are interested please contact Peter or Vanda on tel 605160.