Once again Santa visited both Kirkburton and Highburton over four evenings in December.  During his visit he wanted to raise funds for the children and with the support from all his helpers he raised £2000.  The evenings were organised by Kirkburton & Highburton Community Association, the funds raised were split evenly and £500 was donated to both First Schools, Highburton Playgroup and Kirkburton Pre-School.

Santa was very pleased to see all the children’s happy smiling faces, some of who got very excited.  Santa also wanted to tell all the boys and girls who he met what a wonderful time he had in Kirkburton and Highburton.  He hopes that the presents that he delivered on Christmas Eve made all the children happy and joyful.  Also he wanted you to know that his reindeer troops, led by Rudolph are now resting after their very busy night when they managed to visit all the boys and girls homes.  He hoped you all enjoyed the chocolates he gave out and his visit left a special memory with you that will last forever.

This year we want to give a very special thank you to Kirkburton Co-op who were more than generous with their donation of chocolates for all the children.  Not only did they provided 4 tubs of Celebration chocolates but also 100 chocolate selection packs, all free of charge.  Additional thanks also go to Malcolm Roys for ensuring that Santa’s sleigh was road worthy, plus Mr & Mrs Abbott for storing the sleigh, and Geoff Barnard and Martin Ward for their assistance in helping with the organisation.

The future

Last year we asked for help as for some years now we have organised and run Santa’s Sleigh and due to personal reasons we are unable to do this in the future.  We did receive a positive response from a couple however due to personal circumstances we had to take over the organisation in October.  We are therefore still looking for two or three people to take over the reins to ensure the children (including parents and grandparents) of Kirkburton & Highburton are not disappointed come December.  We will be able to pass on and advise on all that is necessary to ensure Santa’s Sleigh in 2019 can run as smoothly as possible.  Planning always starts early so the sooner volunteers step forward the better.

Please contact Peter or Vanda tel 605160.

We wish to personally thank all the volunteers who have helped over the years and without whose help we could not have brought so much happiness and joy to our villages, well done also to everyone who helped in December, making it another record year.