List of Burton Environment Groups-BEG fixed work parties for 2019

  • January           Monday  14th  Wednesday  16th
  • February         Monday  18th  Wednesday  20th
  • March             Monday  18th  Wednesday  20th
  • April                Monday  15th   Wednesday  17th
  • May                 Monday  13th Wednesday  15th
  • June                 Monday  17th  Wednesday  19th
  • July                  Monday  15th   Wednesday  17th
  • August            Monday  19th   Wednesday 21st
  • September    Monday  16th  Wednesday  18th
  • October         Monday  14th   Wednesday 16th     
  • November     Monday  18th   Wednesday  20th
  • December      Monday 16th  Wednesday  18th

If things go to plan we will have a busy Spring in the Quarry, in  the Community Fields as well as maintenance work in the Memorial Garden and Dean Park. Additional work parties will be posted on our facebook page. The group welcome any new members as there is always plenty to do. No skills are required. As volunteers you can pick what days you come on and what you would like to do. If the weather is poor please check the work parties are going ahead by ringing Anna on 01484 606996 or e-mail or check on Burton Environment Group- BEG facebook page before 9am on the morning of the work party. We will let you know, before the work party, where to meet and what jobs are on offer. We usually work from 9.30am until 12.30pm.